Chaos Group 3.x Render Node License

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35000 points
700 points

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Required if you own an existing V-Ray license (Must be a .WBC File ONLY)

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The Anytime Renderer

When we say it's the most complete lighting, rendering and shading toolkit on the market, we mean it. Every production type and size is covered in a system that is as friendly to a film production as it is to an arch-viz project. And for each type, users get a tool they can count on. Whether you put your trust in speed, quality or stability, V-Ray 3.0 is there when you need it. Wherever you need it.

  • Improved Hair rendering 
• Ray-traced SSS
• New Skin Shader

Check out the new features and improvements
  • Faster Ray Tracing
• Progressive Rendering
• RT GPU Render Elements

Check out the new features and improvements
  • New User Interface
• New presets and controls for tuning quality and speed 
• Distributed Rendering enhancements

Check out the new features and improvements


Less Render Wander

Is the fact that V-Ray 3.0 gets you home faster the best part about the new update? Depends on who you ask. The new Progressive Production Renderer certainly does make life better for the time-taxed artists out there. Built on the same path tracing technology as V-Ray RT, the Progressive Renderer is compatible with all V-Ray production features - Irradiance Map, Light Cache, SSS, Render Elements - and is so simple that "one-click rendering" might just turn into your new best friend. Or the thing you can point to when you need to make it home in time for dinner.

Simple Set-ups

Simplicity will always sell because life is just too darn complicated. And honestly, the last thing an artist needs in their life is more complexity. They have enough hoops to jump through. To that end, V-Ray 3.0 is introducing a brand-new user interface that puts the essentials up front (think: speed, quality and quick settings) and puts the advanced features away in a place that's still easy to find. Faster work through better design. We think you'll like it.

Quick Where It Counts

Is it faster? Of course, V-Ray 3.0 is faster; that's priority #1. In fact, it's faster all across the board with 2-5x speed improvements for ray tracing, and up to 15x for hair. The real question now is: what will you do with all that extra time?